Hihi ...

... the one below, the one I was still debating what colour to do it further in, the blue, purple, blue, white one?

Yeah, that one, Kamiel came around today, saw it, liked it. I told him I'd like him to have it and he then said that he liked it as is ... so I'm done!

Unexpected, to be sure ...

But it's nice that he liked it so much, I'm really very pleased at the moment ...


Part II ...

Hey ... and this what it looks like when people go nuts with two shades of blue, purple and white. Rejoice.
Isn't it pretty?
Later on I'll show you how I fucked it up but good ...


Here ...

... is a new one I have started work on. Plus the band I was listening to when I was at it.
Progress reports will follow.
It's sort of a belated present. Now, you know you're truly fucked when you start to annoy friends and family with gifts ... so ... call me fucked, I guess.
And actually I was this morning so it's not too far off the truth.


So ...

... two for one sale. The star-crossed one is something that was supposed to signify 'flower'. It, however, came out as 'starfish'. Huh. Life is funny like that.

The second one was certainly not meant to look like anything, but, according to my amazingly gifted girlfriend, looks more like flowers than the one that was supposed to look like flowers.

Again, life is funny like that.

Oh ... and I had great 'excercise' today.


Hey ...

It's been a while since last I graced the Intarwubbs with a new picture. So, you know, I'll do that now. The original plan was for me to be done with a picture I'm sort of making for my mother-in-law, but, typical for me, the flowers turned out to look a lot like orange starfish, so, we're still "debating" that one. I hope to be done with it soon. Right now, I think that I have only a small talent for figurative art.

And, you know, I'm at peace with that.

I like this picture, though. It's ... rather ... loud. And evil. And possibly scary. I think it needs a Doctor Who soundtrack.

So, if Murray Gold is reading this ... give us a buzz.

In reality the colours are slightly darker. Unfortunately the picture does not want to be photographed at all. Every one ends up being too light or fuzzy. Adding nicely to the spookiness ... but not to the clarity of this expose. Just trust me. It's nice. My girlfriend thinks so too.

I like doing these pictures though. They're ... wild! And fucking cool to do.