So, here's my latest excursion into colour. Notice that I have taken these pictures outside, namely on the hutch of our bunny Tybalt, to whom we are eternally grateful for his hospitality and grumpiness.
For some reason everyone seems to think that the top one is a city, but not a particularly nice one, and the bottom strikes everyone as a forest.
Now, I have to say ... I really don't have that kind of associations. But I welcome reinterpretations. They are fun to listen to. And smile about.
Free black text!
Viva La Revolucion!
... does this thing even 'do' smileys?


New stuff!
HUGE painting (20X20) ... anyway ...
There is something disturbingly wrong about pictures, I think. It's this: you only ever get to see one side of them. And usually the other side is boring, but somehow, it struck me as unfair and I decided to take a knife to a painting and expose the rusted back of one ... I think it's a far more balanced affair now, don't you? This means that the attention is more evenly divided and that the first blow is struck for the skeleton of a picture.
Viva La Revolucion!


Hey ... new photos.
What these prove:
a. I'm active.
b. I think big (that bit of purple at the bottom is our couch. It sits three people. I'm still thinking about having two such really big things hanging on the wall ...)
c. That I'm a crap photographer ... no Ed Van Der Elsken lost on me, trust me ...
d. That the blue/red one is still a work in progress because it doesn't quite stand up to the yellow/red one.
e. That I'm slightly bored, since my girlfriend is sitting next door with the neighbour's kids, two of them at least, since number three is off to the hospital. With her parents of course, and we wish the lot of them all the luck in the world.
Set up is being bitchy. Hence a line of black text!
Do you like my pictures? Drop me a line. Somewhere.
And here!
Oh, yeah ... forgot to mention. One is with and one is without flash. This to figure out what the hell the thingies look like with different conditions. I like 'em blazing with colour. So, you know, they are, sort of, yeah.


Doing something odd ...

... with blue and white. Will show a pic when I feel that I'm anywhere near ready with it. I have to experiment a little first, though. One cannot go off and beat colour into canvas with a half-arsed idea in mind.



Me = Dweep. (Hi, Anna!)


A loverly friend of mine, Anna, said she liked my paintings but also that she didn't like the crooked lines in a few of them.

Here's the secret: they're straight lines. the perspective is off because I cropped the pictures and did not take into account the fact that the perspective then shows a straight up-and-down line as a not-so-straight-up-and-down-line.

Yes ... I forgot about perspective.

It might be a good thing that I don't paint figuratively ....

I need to redo those pictures, in other words. As soon as I have time, honeys.


Fierce bananananananana.

And the banana was a bit of a joke. Sorry about it.

I like the colours, though. Quite fierce. And fierce colours are what I'm striving for, a lot of the time.

Spelling the word isn't hard. It's knowing when to stop spelling it, is the issue, likes.

The great bouncy twins!

This is of course the colourful twin of http://beopuppy.blogspot.com/index.html.

I just wanted that to be known. And now I have made it known. And, you know, I hope it helps!


More! That is about all I have at the moment. Or, basically, all I have energy for. Wrestling with uploaders is not a hobby. Plus, I should be doing the dishes ....

Damned flash.


Pointy! (Final photo is really a 100X120 CM painting. :) )

So, this is what I do in my spare time.
Well, in the time that I should be doing other stuff. I paint. If you like one of them and maybe, you know, WANT one, give me a message.