So, here's my latest excursion into colour. Notice that I have taken these pictures outside, namely on the hutch of our bunny Tybalt, to whom we are eternally grateful for his hospitality and grumpiness.
For some reason everyone seems to think that the top one is a city, but not a particularly nice one, and the bottom strikes everyone as a forest.
Now, I have to say ... I really don't have that kind of associations. But I welcome reinterpretations. They are fun to listen to. And smile about.
Free black text!
Viva La Revolucion!
... does this thing even 'do' smileys?


Lucy said...

The top one puts me in mind of murder and invasion and death and massacreing Mongol hordes and stuff (and I like it!)... and the bottom one of an expedition, an adventure or lots and lots of glorious freedom!

I always was the weird kid in art class...

Gavin. said...

It's better than the endless forests and cities. Yours shows creativity!

And bloodlust ...

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